Reenactment of the Camp de Vaussieux 1778


17 - 18 August 2019

In 1778, Louis XVI gathered 35,000 men at the Vaussieux camp, near Bayeux, including a number of regiments that went with Rochambeau to America to help Washington and the Insurgents to free themselves from the British, which led to the victory of Yorktown and the independence of the United States.


In 2018, the association Un Nouveau Monde decided to reenact this camp of Vaussieux and the manoeuvres that took place there on the occasion for its 240th anniversary. This event was a great success with more than 4,000 visitors.


In 2019, the association carried on a new major reenactment of this event with bivouacs and manoeuvres but also with a civilian camp of all trades related to the military as well as the celebrations and small pleasures that took place on this occasion.


Rebuilders from all over France contributed to the discovery to the daily life of the 1778 Camp de Vaussieux. 


As you can see with the program: shooting exercises, horse-drawn carriage rides, demonstrations of old-fashioned crafts and many other activities are on the agenda. 

Location: Château de Vaussieux in Vaux-sur-Seulles near Bayeux, access by the D127