To welcome and host the members of the reconstitution

An hundred of members of the reconstitution will make you discover the life of a military camp on August 18-19!


Coming from the four corners of France that is why we need you to welcome and to host them in the best possible conditions!


80 euros are needed to help them finance transport and on-site accommodation.


You can contribute:

                                               - On the dartagnans.fr platform (knowing that this sum benefits from a tax deduction of 66% for the individual and 60% for the company exclusively on this platform)
                                               - By cheque by mentioning your email address to:


Campagne Camp de Vaussieux

1 Rue de Châteaudun

75009 Paris France

To help us to organizated the reconstitution

Would you like to contribute to our project in other way?

Several options can be possible:

     - Security

     - Organization of diverse tasks: assembly of tents...

     -  Accommodate participants in the historical reconstruction

     -  Participation in the Camp reconstitution like a soldier.

If you want to participate , you need to complete the form :

Note : veuillez remplir les champs marqués d'un *.